Friday, April 5, 2013

Statement of a victim of Dr. Deepak Gupta from Vena Clinica

Dr. Deepak Gupta

Vena Clinica
16700 Bayview Newmarket, ON L3X 1W1
(905) 953-0980

Alike any other I wanted to go through surgery for my varicose veins. Varicose vein is one of the most critical vein diseases. A person living with varicose veins knows the pain of dealing with it. This is the kind of disease which makes you suffer both mentally and physically. This is most painful when there is no way to flaunt your beautiful legs in public like others. This could be well enough to make your life a living hell. I went through the similar pain and I know how it feels. This is no anomaly that people with varicose veins want to get rid of it abruptly. The thing that remains unknown is rushing thing besides from its natural course can worsen the situation. Exactly that what happened in my case, and for this I am suffering even after the surgery, In addition, I had to pay a handsome amount for that unsuccessful surgery. Handling the worsened condition of my leg is consuming big portion of my daily routine. The situation is worse than when I had varicose veins. None of my objective was achieved. It cost me $5000 to get the surgery done by Dr. Deepak Gupta from Vena Clinica

Seeing various advertises of this Dr. Deepak Gupta from Vena Clinica, I contacted him in a hurry. His advertisements were so promising that I forgot to do background checking. For this reason, I am telling you to review the service of the surgeon from who you are planning to get the surgery. Don’t make the similar mistake as I did. This will save anyone from further damage to their legs. However, at instant I believed all the words told by Dr. Deepak Gupta. According to him my varicose veins would vanish away. As well as that, no postoperative pain would occur. Above all, he told me that the chance of vein scars due to the surgery is almost ZERO. What this Dr. Gupta didn’t mention was, yeah, it’s possible to achieve all these successes; as long as the surgeon is skilled and experienced. Unfortunately, Dr. Deepak Gupta had barely any of these two. Mistakenly I was dreaming too much about the days when I would be able to live like any other lads, with exhibiting my naked legs while jogging. This was not so far to achieve, if I had checked some internet reviews or customer testimony on Dr. Deepak Gupta as well as Vena Clinica. It made me pay at last. 

As I was only made educated about the bright sides of the laser surgery, without any further brainstorming I booked my appointment for a surgery the next week. Furthermore, I paid in full amount. This $5000 was my special saving for any emergency.  Though no doubt rose in my mind, thinking I am investing it rather than ‘spending’.  But I was wrong. After the surgery had taken place, I started feeling severe pain. I wouldn’t even stand on my legs for next five days. The time it took me to recover was about four months. In a successful surgery it doesn’t take that much. The time I had to spend sitting all day long in my home cost me pay cut and many other difficulties, but I hadn’t have any compensation from Dr. Deepak Gupta or Vena Clinica. Additionally, there was no post surgery treatment or counseling available. 

The laser surgery done by Dr. Deepak Gupta was a total failure which caused post surgery vein scars as well. Now, I am free of varicose veins but I got another pain in the ‘ass’ named vein scars resulted by the mistreatment performed by Dr. Gupta. If I knew that this Dr. Gupta is no good then I would give it a skip. Being impatient will not bring any good. If you want to get rid of varicose veins straight away, even after listening to my experience, then I would recommend that go for the hospital surgery. The hospital surgery is reliable and guaranteed. Moreover, it will not cost you a penny since it is free. In hospital you will be in all the good doctors’ hand. Immediate treatment will also be accessible, if in case any sign of post operative complicacy occurs.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Dr. Deepak Gupta
Vena clinica
16700 Bayview  Newmarket, ON L3X 1W1
(905) 953-0980 has been continuing its bad piece of work. Probably they are reluctant to not improve the quality of their service. Might be as soon as patients are going to this clinic for surgery, it doesn’t make any difference for them whether the surgery is successful or not. It exactly dictates this clinic for laser surgery should not be anyone’s first choice. You would get a better result from a hospital surgery, where they got all the experienced and well trained surgeons. The difference between EVLTTM and regular surgery also lies in the aftermaths of the surgery. Majority of the surgeries done by EVLTTM were failed, and resulted in additional scars due to the failed laser surgery. Whereas in hospital, the rate of success is almost 100%; having the surgery from hospital could also save you some hard earned cash as well.

EVLTTM claim themselves as one of the most prominent in treating varicose veins through laser surgery. This is ridiculous since many patients who got laser surgery from Dr. Gupta of EVLTTM just ended up suffering. This is going on from the staring of EVLTTM. I got to admit, it takes much shrewdness to make people come to you, though you failed to give treatment as it was supposed. Thus, what trick does this EVLTTM play? Alike other scam sites, EVLTTM also shows several fake benefit of dealing with them on their website The intention is clear; they are desperate to earn people’s belief as the most prominent. What they don’t know is this kind of falsehood is not going to work forever. It is great news that plenty of platforms for customer complaints are available today. I myself also learned about the type of scam this company is practicing through those platforms. As soon as I had learned all the pinpoints about this company called EVLTTM, I felt a bit puzzled. Then, I understood this is not the people’s fault they go to EVLTTM for surgery.
The task to find someone not dependent upon internet these days is really hard. It is rather difficult as people today can access to almost anything from politics to shopping through internet. Now, one doesn’t have to wait to go to the market and choose the item of his wish. As like as that almost everything today is possible to reach by just sitting in front of the computer. While it has come as a lifesaver for people around the world, sometimes harmful events take place as well. There are many companies and businesses which are running their campaigns to earn some cash by any mean. For hard cash they can do almost anything like scamming, cheating, or blackmailing any individual. Nowadays money scams are not uncommon by using the internet. Due to those scams many people lose money. Every day, various ways of scamming people are getting detected too. But when someone plays with your physical difficulty for money, there could be nothing more inferior that. This type of scam results in further physical difficulty for any person. This kind of scams can’t be tolerated at all, since they could push a person to a terrible state.

You will be shocked to know that EVLTTM is involved in such hideous activity from its beginning. Especially that Dr. Gupta, laser surgeon of EVLTTM, playing a role to make people doubtful about laser surgery. As said before, EVLTTM is following the same procedure to scam people. They are announcing many fake promises like: fast recovery, minimal pain, and scar free surgery. There is no record in any of their surgery they were able to fulfill all of these. The truth is they failed to bring the results for which the surgery was primarily performed. EVLTTM is that ridiculous. Many patients didn’t experience any improvement in the condition of varicose veins they got. Others saw their right and left foot spider veins still existing as before the surgery. Besides, many others are also now living with scars as a result of failed surgery done by EVLTTM. Dr. Gupta or EVLTTM didn’t offer any postoperative support to those who went through their failed laser surgery.

So beware of EVLTTM and their official website